The UKHA Constitution - UK Housekeepers Association

The UKHA Constitution


The aims of the Association are:

  • To promote the professional status of Housekeepers 
  • To promote Housekeeping as a career 
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas

1.0 Memberships

Full Membership is open to:
Executive/Head Housekeepers and Deputies, Assistants, Linen Keepers or their equivalent in Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions and similar establishments, and Lecturers/Assessors in Housekeeping and any aspect of Further or Higher Education. Membership will be at the discretion of the Regional Committee. 50% full membership subscriptions to be paid to National Funds.

Associate membership is open to:
companies who provide goods and services to the Housekeeping profession. Membership will be at the discretion of the Regional Committee. Membership subscriptions are retained by the Regional Committee up to two Associate members can be co-opted/voted on to a Regional Committee.

Student Membership will be at the discretion of the Regional Committee. Membership subscriptions are retained by the Region. Students are not entitled to vote.

2.0 Annual Subscriptions
The Annual Subscription will be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual Subscription is due on 1 April. Membership will be cancelled if the subscription is not paid by 1 June.

3.0 Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on an Annual basis.

4.0 The National Council / Officers
The National Council shall be composed of the nationally elected Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and their Deputies. All Region Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers are nominated regional Committee Members. The elected National Council Officers and their corresponding elected deputies shall not be members of the same region of the Association. The National Council officers will work for the good of the Association. No more than 2 representatives from a Region to be on the National Committee. Any decision outside National Council Meetings will be notified in writing to the nominated person per region. Any objections must be made to a National Council Officer within 1 calendar month of the date of the letter. A quorum shall consist of three elected National Council Officers including deputies and 20% of elected Regional Officers including members who represent Officers and may vote for them by proxy. The elected National Council Officers of the Association shall be employed in the Housekeeping profession (not Associates). 

5.0 Election of the National Council
Nomination for election to the National Council must be processed. The nominee must agree to be nominated. Nomination forms will have contact details of the nominator. The election of the National Council shall be held bi-annually and results announced at the Annual General Meeting. Ballot forms shall be sent to all regional secretaries with full details of each nominee to send to all members of their region. Independent persons agreed by the National Council shall scrutinize the results.

6.0 The Accounts
The financial year of the Association ends on 31 March. The National Council will appoint an independent examiner. The National Treasurer will present the Statement of Accounts.

7.0 Regional Accounts
Membership subscriptions are to be paid to the Regional Treasurer. Regional Accounts must be opened under a Treasurer’s account or equivalent in a bank. The National Treasurer should know the details. There must be 3 nominated signatories per region and 2 of these used for every withdrawal or cheque issued. Regional Accounts of the Association shall be independently examined by a qualified person and made available to the National Treasurer. A provision is available for a region to apply for extra funding. Approval will be assessed by the National Council Officers.

8.0 Regional Meetings
Regional meetings of the Association will be held at least 6 times per year or as agreed by the regional committee. The minutes of each meeting must be sent to all regional secretaries within the Association.

9.0 Election of Regional Committee Members
The election of Regional committees will be carried out bi-annually, alternate years to the National and completed in a professional manner. Regional elections should be completed before the National Annual General Meeting. Each regional committee will consist of 3 officers and 5 committee members of which up to 2 can be Associate members. The Regional Chair must be a Full Member.

10.0 Association Logo
Bona-fide Regions of the Association may use the agreed logo and name of the Association only. Regions of the Association may not adopt any other name or logo other than that agreed by the National Council.

11.0 Media Communication
Contact with the media may only be with the agreement of the National Council. The Chair of the National Council will act as spokesperson to the media or will nominate a substitute.

12.0 Data Protection
Member’s details will be shared only with the agreement of the members and only to full members or associate members.

13.0 National Council

  • National Chair: Lorraine Dale, Head Housekeeper, Windsor Castle 
  • Deputy Chair: Joanne Wilby, Deputy Head Housekeeper, Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh 
  • National Treasurer: Sara Cockram, Head Housekeeper, Evesham Hotel 
  • Secretary: Heather Rothery, Head Housekeeper, Rufflets Hotel, St Andrews 

National Chairman
Lorraine Dale
Chairman of London & SE Region
Head Housekeeper at Master of the Household’s Department

Deputy National Chairman
Jo Wilby
Chairman Scottish Region
Deputy Head Housekeeper, Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

National Treasurer
Sara Cockram
Secretary Midlands, Wales & SW Region
Head Housekeeper, Evesham Hotel

National Secretary
Heather Rothery
Secretary Scottish Region
Head Housekeeper, Rufflets Hotel, St Andrews