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Did you know?

Did you know?

    The average hotel is estimated to use approximately 94.6 litres of water each day just on laundry. Figures from PwC show that there are currently 620,170 hotel rooms in the UK which is forecast to increase by a further 16,500 during 2016. Clearly this is going to have a massive impact on water consumption.

    Many decision makers are reviewing the environmental aspects and are looking at the benefits of new technology such as polymer bead technology as opposed to conventional water-only washing machines.
    In brief, the beads are combined with a small amount of specialist detergent and water, and the soil from the items to be cleaned is then attracted and absorbed by the beads. The claim is a saving of up to 80% on water usage and up to 50% on energy as well as 50% less detergent

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