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Magic UKHA badges for the London & South East region

Magic UKHA badges for the London & South East region

    To save our London members time and the hassle of signing in at every meeting or event, the UKHA is introducing a new magnetic badge system.

    Our scanner will read your pre-programmed ID cards when you touch it with your special ID card. The system will automatically register your details. No more signing sheets, just walk straight in and tap your card - quick and easy!

    The new name badges will enable you to see instantly whether people are Housekeepers (a gold logo) or Associate members (a blue logo). Committee members will have both logos on their badges.

    New members and associates will receive their ID badges with their new starter packs. Those who renew for 2016 will receive their badges by the end of July. We expect our touch-in system to be fully operational in the London and South East region from October this year.

    Members and their Links will be issued with one card each and as there is a unit cost associated with each card, so any lost cards can be replaced at a small charge of £5. So, please keep them safely in your wallet in between meetings.

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