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Housekeeper Chester House, Belgravia, London.

Housekeeper Chester House, Belgravia, London.

    To work in conjunction with the Assistant Housekeeper, Butler and household staff. To provide and maintain by careful organisation a clean well presented and safe environment for residents, guests and colleagues.

    To apply for this position, please download the application form here, and email it to Marion Ball,


    The Family 

    • The Property is in Belgravia Square, London.
    • The property is not occupied permanently, however a team of three domestics are there full-time to ensure house is ready at all times.
    • Arrivals are usually announced a few days before or sometimes just 24 hrs.
    • Family Middle eastern, and have  their own staff who travel with them.
    • The principal and his wife are in their late 70s.

    Salary and Benefits 

    • Salary £34,000 Gross
    • Holiday 25 days per annum
    • Pension
    • Death in service


    • As soon as possible, the present incumbent leaving end of June.

    Key tasks (these by nature are not exhaustive):

    • Meet with Security and staff on arrival at the property for an update of events, check overnight diary and sign log book.
    • Meet with housekeeping staff and any additional roving staff to organise the day’s work.
    • Ensure all daily refuse is collected and recorded.
    • Ensure all newspapers are delivered and recorded.
    • Liaise with the Butler, Security and Kitchen staff on a daily basis for itinerary.

    Cleaning and Family Amenities 

    • Ensure Kitchen, service areas and equipment is cleaned to the highest standard, reporting any maintenance concerns immediately.
    • Ensure all areas are cleaned efficiently, in line with priorities and to the highest standards.
    • Supervise and have close contact with Domestic Assistants during their daily cleaning duties.
    • All amenities to be replenished as required.
    • Implement, monitor and record spring cleaning schedules and specialist cleaning. 

    Checking Property

    • Responsible for checking all internal and external areas of the main house and mews properties.

    Antiques and Fine Art 

    • Ensure all antiques and entire fabric of the house are conserved and preserved to the highest standard.
    • To liaise with and attend to all requests assigned by the Family Curator.
    • To examine artefacts, antiques, soft furnishings, furniture etc, reporting findings for attention to Curator.
    • To assist in the moving of furniture, artefacts etc as and when required.

    Family Care and Interaction 

    • To ensure the comfort and well being of the Principals and guests at all times.
    • To be available throughout the day for any request by the Principals and guests.
    • To ensure complaints from the family are dealt with quickly and efficiently or are referred to the Group Executive Housekeeper for solution where appropriate without delay.
    • To be present in the Main Hall to greet the Principals or guests when they depart or return to the property. 

    Control of Supplies and Amenities 

    • To check all deliveries and invoices and report any discrepancies immediately.
    • To ensure strict control is adhered to when issuing and receiving equipment, uniforms and chemicals, reporting any losses, damage or excessive use to the Group Executive Housekeeper.
    • To ensure adequate supplies are available to carry out tasks effectively.
    • To ensure the cleanliness and upkeep of all Housekeeping equipment is maintained.
    • To ensure all the Housekeeping storerooms are clean and organised at all times.
    • Replenish supplies as required.
    • To ensure consumption of supplies are in keeping with the demands of the household.


    • To be responsible for all machine and hand washing, drying and pressing of all clothes items and linen. 

    Maintenance of Property 

    • To report any maintenance issues immediately requiring attention. 

    Plants and Flowers

    • To water and clean all plants replacing seasonally as required.
    • To check all flower arrangements and order and maintain as requested.


    • To assist the Group Executive Housekeeper with annual inventories.
    • Stocktake supplies on a monthly basis

    Staff Welfare 

    • To organise and chair department monthly meetings. 

    Contractors and in-house Tradesmen 

    • To ensure all contractors take the utmost care when carrying out their duties and every precaution is taken to prevent damage.

    Budgets and Cost Control 

    • Prepare annual operational budgets.
    • Manage all costs in line with budgets.
    • Review and act upon the summary of costs produced monthly by accounts.

    Grooming Standard 

    • To ensure all staff report for duty punctually and well groomed in the appropriate uniform at all times.

    Effective working relationships

    • To be fully aware of the company grievances and disciplinary procedures.
    • To be flexible to carry out any other reasonable duties or responsibilities within the job capability as assigned, including redeployment to alternative properties / areas as required meeting the business demands and owners needs.
    • To assist colleagues as and when required in the performance of their duties.
    • To perform any other duties as requested by the Group Executive Housekeeper.

    Personal development

    • To attend and actively take part in training and / or meetings as and when required.
    • To attend appraisal meetings.
    • To request training from the Group Executive Housekeeper for any duty / procedure or policy you are not familiar with.
    • Assist in the training and development of new employees within the establishment as required. 

    Maintaining a safe working environment/Health and Safety

    • Understand and adhere to all policies and procedures for Security, Health and Safety, Fire and Life.
    • Comply with guidelines outlined for the proper use, protection and safety of tasks in particular to those relating to substances hazardous to health (COSHH) and manual handling.
    • Promote safe working practices ensuring all accidents are attended and reported.
    • Report sick / irregular behavior of staff, residents or contractors.
    • Report any incidents, complaints, suspicious persons or safety hazards immediately. 

    Management and leadership

    • Be familiar with and adhere to the objectives, standards policies and procedures set forth by the Group Executive Housekeeper.
    • Participate in the building of an efficient team by taking an active interest in the day to day operation.
    • Provide support to the Butler and colleagues in the work place.
    • Respond to any changes in the property as dictated by the demands of the business.
    • Assist the Group Executive Housekeeper in the recruitment, selection, development and discipline of employees in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures.
    • Define any training needs for subordinates in liaison with the Group Executive Housekeeper and implement the necessary training.


    • Prepare timesheets for full time and casual staff.
    • Prepare rotas for Domestic Assistants according to the Family’s requirements and business demands.
    • Ensure all lateness, sickness absenteeism is addressed appropriately with the member of staff concerned and action taken recorded.
    • Ensure all vacation allowance is taken appropriately in accordance with business demands and completed prior to year-end.
    • Control lieu time accrued in accordance with office guidelines.
    • Ensure telephone messages are taken accurately and distributed accordingly.

    This job description cannot be exhaustive due to the peculiar nature of the business; the job holder may be required to carry out any reasonable tasks as specified by their manager/supervisor. 

    The job holder will have a primary place of work but due to the peculiar nature of the business, the job holder may be required to carry out their duties in another of the properties as directed by their manager.  

    To apply for this position, please download the application form here, and email it to Marion Ball,

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