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Scotland Meeting Review

Scotland Meeting Review

    We would like to thank everyone who came along to our last two meetings, I think that you will agree that you couldn’t have asked for two better locations!

    In Edinburgh in March we were at the Apex Grassmarket where the meeting room overlooks Edinburgh Castle. Pamela McQueen the Executive Housekeeper gave us an insight into how she incentivises her team. Her supervisors run the scheme that collates and displays the call-backs for each member of staff. Her team now fight to ensure they get no call-backs and they are rewarded with a call-back member of the team for the month and then the year. This scheme has proved to be so successful that Pamela has had a 0% staff turnover last year. She is now hoping to get this as standard practice throughout the group. 

    In June we went to Cameron House Hotel which, is situated overlooking the shores of Loch Lomond another stunning view! Kate Dow the Assistant Executive Housekeeper welcomed us. Not only had the hotel laid on a great buffet and bucks fizz for us but they had also gifted a candle to each person attending.

    Our speaker was Richard Jolie from Vision Support Services, who had recently spoke at the Shared Knowledge Day. He is passionate about improving everyones sleep quality. Great Britain is one of the most sleep-deprived countries in the developed world with research showing that not only can it affect the quality of our lives, it can actually shorten them! To find out more about the studies into sleep quality and how to improve it you can see the video of Richard’s presentation at the Shared Knowledge Day on the UKHA website.

    Later that week the Summer Ball was held at Coombe Abbey nr Coventry. The venue was stunning and the Midlands, S.W and Wales committee did an excellent job with great entertainment and raffle prizes just two of the highlights of the night. The Scottish Region was well represented and we will look forward to welcoming everyone to Scotland next year! 

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