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New EasyLink from Hypnos Beds

New EasyLink from Hypnos Beds

    Making linking up divan beds simple, quick and hassle free. And zip-free!

    The MD of Hypnos, John Woolley, spoke at a Regional Meeting held at the Arora Hotel. One of the hot topics brought up by several of the members present was the difficulties which housekeepers experience when coupling and un-coupling linked divans.

    Unusually for MDs these days John is actually an engineer - most are now accountants. John and his team have now managed to develop the attached "EasyLink" which has been Trademarked / Copyright.

    It's a very simple-looking solution although, as with all such things, has been extremely difficult to engineer and then get through all the necessary BS testing. All of the Hypnos linked divans are now using this new system. Now no need to fiddle around underneath divans - bending backs - losing finger-nails...

    The system is only available from Hypnos Contract Beds

    Click here for an information sheet

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