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Girbau UK introduces Agua Smart Wet Cleaning System

Girbau UK introduces Agua Smart Wet Cleaning System

    Girbau UK has launched Agua Smart, its complete professional wet cleaning system for dry cleaners, laundry businesses and hoteliers. Agua Smart comprises all the equipment needed to start a wet cleaning service including expertly formulated spotters, high tech washers and dryers, biodegradable detergents and specialist finishing equipment.

    “There is a growing desire to offer customers more environmentally-sensitive cleaning options and wet cleaning is the green alternative to the traditional dry cleaning process,” says Peter Marsh, managing director of Girbau UK.

    “Agua Smart wet cleaning offers better quality cleaning of water-soluble stains and odours and is ideal for 90% of articles that are normally dry cleaned,” he continues. “It is particularly good for wedding dresses, sequined and other delicate fabrics, leather coats, suede items and footwear such as trainers and UGG boots.”

    The new Agua Smart system comprises a full range of award-winning wet cleaning finishing and pre-treatment detergents from Ideal Manufacturing and equipment including washers and dryers, spotting tables, steam generators, finishing tables, presses, garment formers, trouser toppers and shirt machinery. The finishing equipment ensures garments have the correct amount of tension to provide customers with excellent finished results.

    Girbau’s 6 Series INTELI washers are ideal for wet cleaning and its ED Series energy efficient dryers are designed to dry delicate items safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Both include a full range of wet cleaning and laundry programs, giving them the flexibility to use for general laundry and wet cleaning, helping to ensure maximum productivity from all types of work.

    A full range of Agua Smart wet cleaning chemicals is offered with the process which has been formulated and manufactured for Girbau by award winning laundry detergent experts, Ideal Manufacturing.

    “We are delighted to be working in partnership with our friends at Girbau to produce a simple, eco-friendly, transparent and fairly priced wet cleaning solution,” says Philip Kalli, Managing Director of Ideal Manufacturing. “Like us, Girbau is a proud, family-owned manufacturer with a strong history of innovation, expertise and experience in the professional laundry industry. Together, through extensive development and a lengthy period of field testing in the UK we have perfected complementary products for the Agua Smart Wet Cleaning Machine.”

    Agua Smart Demonstration at the Ideal Washeteria

    Agua Smart was formally introduced to the trade at The Washeteria, a new wet cleaning demonstration and training centre at Ideal Manufacturing in Finedon, Northamptonshire. Washeteria visitors can see the complete Agua Smart system in use including garment pre-treatment, washing, drying and specialist finishing. As well as receiving guidance and instruction from laundry experts, there is also the opportunity to use all the equipment and process sample garments, providing invaluable hands-on experience.

    “It was encouraging to see that Girbau and Ideal have teamed up to bring two great products together and to actively promote Wet Cleaning within the industry and more so to the high street customer,” said Kevin Farrell of Farrells Dry Cleaners, who was one of the specially selected guests at the event.

    “Wet Cleaning is an easy-to-use system. We find it works well for everything from standard suits to intricate stage costumes,” said Malcolm Jenvey, Director of Pressing Needs in Southampton, who also attended. “The gentle action protects the fabric, colours appear brighter and customers comment on the feel and fresh smell.”

    “Wet Cleaning is very versatile and we've found there is nothing we can't successfully wet clean rather than dry clean,” added Steph Wilkins, Director of Home & Dry in Chichester. “In fact we take in work from local dry cleaners that they cannot process and would otherwise have to send away, such as leather, suede, sheepskin, UGGs and trainers.”

    "Wet Cleaning does not require you to apply for a licence from the local authority and there are no solvent residues requiring safe disposal,” pointed out Lee Groves, Operations Manager, Drycleaning & Laundry Services. “Wet cleaning is very popular with new entrants to the professional cleaning sector, but we are also seeing dry cleaning companies adopting wet cleaning more and more now. It is much better for modern fabrics with technical treatments such as sports clothing, or fire resistant garments as the treatments are unaffected by the cleaning process.”

    Whether an experienced operator or a new start-up, Girbau offers advice on the best choice and right size of equipment, along with productivity and running costs. This planning process considers the unique factors of each individual business in terms of the types and volumes of textiles to be cleaned. The company also offers a range of competitive finance and rental packages for existing businesses and new start-ups, including maintenance and servicing to suit customer needs.

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