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A view from underneath the sheets with CLEAN

A view from underneath the sheets with CLEAN

    In the new research report, CLEAN got under the sheets with 1,000 UKHA's hotel guests to understand what makes them smile in the bedroom and generates a big thumbs up during their stay.

    From the squishiness of a pillow, the plumpness of a duvet to the crispness of the linen. Over 89% desire pillows and duvets with bounce and a further 34% appreciated the fluffy bathrobe and slippers. Whilst up to 89% were put off by badly made beds and dated linen, and over 3/4 rated "cleanliness in all areas" was a top factor when looking for great hotel room experience. Added extras such as chocolates on pillows proved not to be overly popular with just 11% welcoming the sweet treat while one in three guests were eager to see complimentary toiletries in their room.

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