International Housekeeping Week - 2nd week in September - UK Housekeepers Association

International Housekeeping Week - 2nd week in September

International Housekeeping Week - 2nd week in September
  • Date: Second Week In September - annual event
  • Region: National
  • Meeting: National campaign

International Housekeeping Week is the second week in September, EVERY September. Whilst we encourage you to keep the recognition going and celebrate your Housekeeping superstars 365 days a year, this special week is a great excuse to focus on your team and reward them for doing an excellent job!

IHW17_Celebrate_KQ_CleanMany hotel chains and hospitality organisations create bespoke events and initiatives for IHW any establishment can run their own programmes and we've coated some of the best ideas below.

Ideas for your housekeeping team

  • Have a party or event to treat your team, even a lunch or maybe just a special cake with coffee?
  • Buy some high street vouchers and present them in a thank you card
  • Get some personalised items made that recognise an individual and the team they belong to
  • Create an Instagram or private Facebook group for your team to share their pictures
  • Organise for a massage therapist to visit and give everyone a de-stress
  • Organise a team night out - get out of the hotel for a while
  • Hold a Housekeeping Olympics -

Ideas from around the globe

Have a great week!




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