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Become a part of CleanConscience

Become a part of CleanConscience

    There is an organisation called Clean Conscience which was launched in July 2015. It is the first and only UK based soap and toiletry recycling programme working to reduce the quantity of waste and toiletries from the UK hospitality sector through redistribution and re-use.

    Fact! Hotels throw more than 70 million bars of halfused soap and 200 million partially used bars of soap away per year. At the same time, 1.7 million children worldwide under the age of 5 die each year from pneumonia and diarrhoea. Washing their hands with soap can reduce these deaths by 60%.

    Browns Hotel was the first to sign up followed closely by the Ritz London, The Dorchester, The Capital and Levin Hotels and The Cavendish.

    To learn more about CleanConscience and to become a part of it click here.

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