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Scotland Candidates

Below are your candidates for the new Scotland committee. On the left are current members that are re-standing for this committee. On the right are new candidates looking to join. UKHA Members will get to express a preference for everyone below, whether they are re-applying for their existing position, applying for a new role, or looking to join the committee for the first time. Your opinion matters and this is your committee.

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Re-standing or standing for a new role for Scotland

LianaJo Wilby

Employment: Assistant Executive Housekeeper Balmoral Hotel

Current Role: Chair

Re-standing for: Chair

PriscillaLadhaHeather Rothery

Employment: Head Housekeeper Rufflets Hotel

Current Role: Secretary & Treasurer

Re-standing for: Treasurer

Rep NameKatrina Pascazio

Employment: Operations Manager Carrick Lodges

Current Role: General Responsibilities

Standing for: Deputy Chair


Rep NameBarbara Boyd

Employment: Head Housekeeper Balgair Castle Holiday Park

Current Role: General Responsibilities

Re-standing for: General Responsibilities

Derek Laing

Employment: Sales Manager Mattison Contract Beds Ltd

Current Role: General Responsibilities

Re-standing for: General Responsibilities


NEW candidates for the Scotland committee

Rep NameSarah Homewood

Employment: Business Development Consultant St Jude’s Laundry

Standing for: Secretary

About Sharon: I have been a supplier in the hospitality industry for almost 30 years now, dealing with Housekeepers and GMs. I worked previously with Montague Lloyd for almost 24 years supplying hotel toiletries cover the UK and Ireland.
I am now currently working for St Jude’s Laundry which is a registered charity for supported workers and we have at the minute 22 supported workers and are now looking to take on more as the business expands.
I have been involved in UKHA for a good number of years and have already served on the committee as Treasurer and Chair.
I have not been involved lately due to ill health but now that I am back fighting fit I feel the time is right to become involved again and to help get more housekeepers and suppliers involved in the association.

Rep NameSharon Laing

Employment: Senior Sales & Account Manager PLS Laundry

Standing for: Treasurer

About Sharon: I work for” PLS” Professional Linen Services, who are part of the Johnson Service Group PLC, who’s a provider of linen to many Group and Independent Hotels.
I am well known in Scotland and the North of England, by many Housekeepers, General Managers & Purchasing people. I believe that people find me honest, trustworthy and reliable. With a strong work ethic. I have worked on the Scottish Regional Committee in the past. Both as a Committee Member and Treasurer. I helped in organising two Summer Balls and raised considerable sponsorship money, for these events. I also worked for several years with Fishers Services Ltd another Laundry Provider. Most people will know me from working with Fishers in a similar role to what I do now.
I would be delighted to commit, to working with the Scottish Region Committee again. I put myself forward for two roles, either a Committee Member or Treasurer. I do hope you will vote for me, as I promise I will give 100% to the role.

Louise Moffat

Employment: Housekeeping Manager Fountain Court Apartments

Standing for: General Responsibilities

About Louise: My housekeeping career started in 2000 when my personal circumstances changed and I needed a job to fit in with my children’s schooling. I applied to Marriott Dalmahoy Hotel which I was placed on a ‘waiting list’ for a Room Attendants position (those were the days). Once employed I soon progressed from Room Attendant to Housekeeping Supervisor then on to be Kerry Adams’ Deputy Head Housekeeper within 4 years.
I then moved onto to be a Residence Housekeeper at Heriot Watt University in Dec 2004 for one year but soon missed the buzz of hotels. I quickly jumped at a chance of Assistant Head Housekeeper at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow. Here I was to be involved in the refurbishment of 283 bedrooms. Unfortunately, that was to be short lived as the shifts and commute was not family friendly. This is when I applied for Assistants Head Housekeeper’s position at Norton House Hotel where Jo Wilby was my Head Housekeeper. I really enjoyed this position but had always promised myself to be a Head Housekeeper before I turned 40.
In 2008 my next position was a new build as Head Housekeeper at the Novotel Edinburgh Park. From building site, to recruitment to snagging this was a great experience. I was there for 8 years and had a great team. Standards were high with low staff turnover. I was promoted to Rooms Divisions Manager but always found myself in Housekeeping every day. After 81/2 years I felt I needed another challenge.
Present position is Housekeeping Manager of 230 Apartments at Fountain Court Apartments. We have 347 bedrooms over 8 locations with 40+ staff at the height of summer. Due to multi location this is very challenging and has been a tough journey, but after 18 months I feel progress is being made with higher standards and general day to day working.
I would like to stand for general committee member. I cannot commit to any higher positions due to my family commitments but will fully support the UKHA team.

Sam Thompson

Employment: Northern Sales Executive at Bed Factory Contracts

Standing for: General Responsibilities

About Sam: I am Sam Thompson, Northern Sales Executive for the Bed Factory, Liverpool and a paid-up member of the UKHA Scottish Region. Scotland is one of the main areas in which I work and, therefore, I attend all of the UKHA Scottish region meetings enabling me to develop professional relationships with members.

My current position involves supplying contract quality beds to the hotel, leisure and care industry. Liaising with multiple elements of the housekeeping industry and account management, are a major part of this role. Previously to my current position, my background included such roles as store manager, wedding photographer and business owner. I believe these experiences could provide a benefit to the Committee; as a store manager organisation was key to a successful team, as a wedding photographer, not only was I dealing with pressure, but also organisation of people and their varying needs. And as a business owner, many transferable office skills were acquired.

Through previous volunteer work, I gained an experience in public speaking to large audiences and I also have experience of giving lectures. I'm a person who enjoys meeting and speaking to people and can adapt to situations quite easily. I'm always happy to take on new challenges and go the extra mile.

With this in mind, I feel that I would be an asset to the Committee and I would be very interested in any role available within the Scottish Region.

Kay-MacMillanKay MacMillan

Employment: Head Housekeeper at The Salutation Hotel

Standing for: General Responsibilities

About Kay: I have worked at salutation hotel for 26 years started as a room attendant then linen keeper then was offered rooms supervisor. After a short while moved up to assistant housekeeper then the chance came to move onto housekeeping manager I absolutely love my job and have gained so much from the UKHA from meeting other housekeepers to company reps always someone that can help.