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London & SE Candidates

Below are your candidates for the new London & South East committee. On the left are current members that are re-standing for this committee. On the right are new candidates looking to join. UKHA Members will get to express a preference for everyone below, whether they are re-applying for their existing position, applying for a new role, or looking to join the committee for the first time. Your opinion matters and this is your committee.

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Re-standing in the same, dual or new roles for London Committee

London Chair - Vacant Position 

Lorraine Dale will continue as the UKHA National Chairperson, but will be stepping down as the London Chair after the 2018 elections.

If you are interested in becoming the London UKHA Chair and are a full time Housekeeper, please email expressing your interest to

LianaLiana Sparks

Employment: Ex Housekeeper and ERS co-founder

Current Role: Membership Secretary & Events Co-ordinator

Re-standing for: Deputy Chair and Membership Secretary & Events Co-ordinator

PriscillaLadhaPriscilla Ladha

Employment: Director at Omni FM PLC

Current Role: Procurement

Re-standing for: Procurement

Rep NameSebastian Dabrowski

Employment: Housekeeping Consultant

Current Role: Events, IT & Communications

Re-standing for: Deputy Chair and Events, IT & Communications

MargusMargus Saareoks

Employment: Director of Operations at Casna Ltd

Current Role: Treasurer

Re-standing for: Treasurer

NEW candidates standing for the London committee

Rep NamePaul Berncastle

Employment: Executive Housekeeper at The Town Hall Hotel

Standing for: General Responsibilities

About Paul: Recognising that the Housekeeping Industry is somewhat of an enigma to most people not working within it, seeking to improve the Housekeeper’s status within the industry, the UKHA has dedicated itself to the promotion and education of those dedicated to the profession. Having trained, worked and toiled on the job for the last 30 years in many Housekeeping roles and some of the best roles in Hospitals, Hotels and Event Spaces can offer one of the rewarding features of attending UKHA events is meeting likeminded people in similar positions from around the world helping gain the perspective and comradery everyone seeks. Generously sharing knowledge, education and experience (‘sending the elevator back down’ is what some successful managers say) younger compatriots will only benefit the future of the industry and that is why I enjoy contributing some of my time towards the pursuit. This is one of the things I look forward most to helping achieve, as a committee member, should my candidature be considered acceptable. As a recently re-joined Committee member, I have discovered my perspective of the level of commitment and expectation has changed a great deal – now much higher, requiring more dedicated individuals to help share the load.  Whilst I am not looking for a particular role to play, with clear instruction and goals, my skills and experience are easily utilised to achieve and meet most people’s expectations in whatever task I am set and I will be delighted to be considered for a position on the Committee with others wishing to join.

Rep NameMelanie Penn

Employment: Head Housekeeper at the Army & Navy Club

Standing for: General Responsibilities

About Melanie: I have worked in the hospitality industry in housekeeping for 29 years and I am currently the Head Housekeeper at the Army & Navy Club. Previously I worked at 4 star hotels in Birmingham. I would like to continue being part of the UKHA committee, I am very passionate about housekeeping and am keen to promote this has a career. I am committed to helping and support the rest of the committee, so they are able to move the UKHA forward for the future.

Rep NamePaul Fisher

Employment: Regional Sales Manager at Simon Jersey Uniforms

Standing for: General Responsibilities

About Paul: I am a Regional Sales Manager for Simon Jersey, covering the Central London area. My role includes working with over 1,400 Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure Clubs and with the NHS and private Care Industries, to fulfil their uniform requirements. Being part of the UKHA has really given me fantastic opportunities to meet with housekeepers on a more personal level, than I was able to before. It has given me a much greater understanding of each of their individual needs, enabling me to build much stronger relationships with my customers. My previous education and experience in Business and Photography, has helped me to strive for the best results for my clients, and given me a wider understanding of the part that great uniforms play in a business’s success. I am very ambitious and endeavour to use my experience to grow relations with my clients to further my career at Simon Jersey. Outside of my role, I am a devoted husband and father to my wife and 3 children, I enjoy running, football, and experimenting with my culinary skills.